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The city of Honolulu is the capital of the state of Hawaii and is also a port city. In Hawaii, Honolulu means "shielded bay" or "shielded land". In an earlier period, the place abounded in sandalwood, which was largely shipped to China, so it is called Sandalwood Mountain by the Chinese people. It is located in the southeast corner of Oahu which is one of the Hawaiin islands in the North Pacific Ocean. The urban area is 87.78 Square Miles, home to a population of about 3,700,000. The urban area is 596.14 Square Miles, including all of Oahu, with a population of 850,000, accounting for about 4/5 of the total population of the state. Hawaii has mild climate, the annual average temperature is 75.2 Fahrenheit and the annual rainfall is more than 23.62 inches. In 1850, it was the capital of the kingdom of Hawaii; In 1898, Hawaii belonged to the United States and it became a city in 1909 and capital of the state in 1959.

Geographical Environment
Honolulu is bound by Kouro mountain in the North, and adjacent to the Pacific Ocean in the south. There are green trees, fresh air and beautiful scenery all the year round. Most commercial and industrial zones are located in the narrow but flat coastal plain area, while the plains have many valleys and ridges which divides the Honolulu city up into several residential areas.

Special Administrative Districts
The main business district: the business district of Honolulu is the center of economy, commerce and policy of Hawaii. In the coastal areas, there is Aloha Tower which had been the highest building in Hawaii for many years. At present, the tallest building in Hawaii is the First Hawaiian Center at 449.48 feet, which is located on King and Bishop Streets.

City Council District: the City Council is located in the east of main city, it has been the center of the state government of Hawaii, with Hawaii state government, Iolani Palace, Honolulu municipal government, the State Library, statue of King Kamehameha I, and many government agencies here.

Kaka‘ako: Kaka 'ako is originally a light industrial zone located between the main city district and Waikiki, and after a sharp urban planning reform, it has two main shopping area - Ward mall and Ward Centre.

Waikiki: Waikiki is a popular tourist attraction between Ala Wai Canal and the Pacific Ocean. There are plenty of restaurants, shops, and a variety of clubs on the streets of Kalākaua and Kuhio. The world-renowned Waikiki Beach attracts more than a million visitors a year. Waikiki's west side is the Ala Moana Center, the largest open shopping Center in the world. Most of the hotels on Oahu are located in Waikiki.

The Traffic Situation
Honolulu is located in the center of the Pacific Ocean and is an important port of the sea and air traffic and called the "Crossroads of the Pacific". This place is a necessary path for ships and flights from the west coast of the United States to Australia and from the panama canal to the oriental waters. The city is a vital strategic position, and the Pearl Harbor which is about ten kilometers away from western suburbs if Honolulu is one of the main bases for air and navy force. The U.S. Pacific command presiding over the Asia-pacific region is based here, and it’s the center of U.S. military activity in the Pacific.

Shipping: Honolulu port is a deep-water harbor which has the annual throughput of more than 8 million tons, it is an important portal and also one of the main strong points across the Pacific Ocean trade. It’s a stop of seagoing vessel across the pacific, and a large number of luxury passenger ships usually park on the port adjacent to Aloha Tower Marketplace.

Air freight: Honolulu International Airport(HNL), located in the South West of Honolulu, is Hawaii's main air traffic portal. Besides, there are many flights to Asia, including Japan, Korea, Taiwan island of China , Saipan in the South Pacific and the cities in the United States and Hawaii.

Highway: interstate highway H-1, interstate highway H-201, also known as Moanalua Freeway.

Other highways linked to Honolulu and the Oahu island:

Pali Highway, Likelike Highway, Kalanianaole Highway and Kamehameha Highway.

Mass transit system: light rail under construction, the Bus, Likelike Hwy. And H1 Fwy.

Culture and Art
Classical music orchestra: Honolulu Symphony and Hawaii Opera Theatre

Visual art: Honolulu Academy of Arts located near the business district of the city is Hawaii's main visual arts venue. Honolulu Academy of Arts has the largest number of western and Asian art collection in Hawaii, Doris Duke Theatre in the academy shows videos about art and world movies throughout the year. The Contemporary Museum on the highland of Kiki is the main modern art exhibition in Hawaii.

Gardening: Foster Botanical Garden, Liliuokalani Botanical Garden

The museum, aquarium, zoo and cultural center: Bishop Museum, Waikiki Aquarium, Honolulu Zoo, Hawaii State Art Museum, Hawaii Maritime Center, Polynesian Cultural Center, Eastern and western technology and culture exchange Center.

Honolulu has a developed education undertaking with many famous schools.

University of Hawaii – has 21000 students and ranked 156 in most recent US NEWS.

Chaminade University – has 1130 students

University of the Pacific, Hawaii – has 8500 students

Brigham Young University- Hawaii Branch- has 2400 students

Honolulu Academy of Arts

Famous Scenery

Famous scenery include the USS Arizona Memorial - Pearl Harbor, Honolulu Academy of Arts, Waikiki Beach, Diamond Head Crater trail mountain road, Dole cannery, National Memorial Cemetery of the Pacific, Lyon arboretum and Iolani Palace, which was built in the Hawaii Kingdom and the unique palace of America.

Diamond hill is an independent circular extinct volcano formed by seaside, it’s a branch or Hawaii mountains, the whole mountain is sunken and thus formed a big basin, like the craters on the moon. The volcano vent with the height of 232 meter is one of the most famous landmarks in Hawaii.

Waikiki Beach: Located on Oahu of Hawaii islands, Waikiki Beach is the most famous beach in the world. It starts from the Kapiolani Park under diamond hill in the east, and extends to Arawi yacht wharf. With a length of one mile and area of less than one percent of the island of Oahu, it is the most dynamic and passionate beach in Hawaii, and also the most typical Hawaii beach in the eyes of most visitors.

Lyon Arboretum: established in 1918 and located in Hawaii University, Lyon Arboretum is a wooded garden, in which there are breadfruit, taro and sugarcane , and there is also a distinctive path with primitive style winding through the famous beautiful botanical garden.